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Spry Vertical Menu W3C CSS Validator Results

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Default Spry Vertical Menu W3C CSS Validator Results - 03-28-2009 , 04:22 PM

Anytime I use a Spry Menu or Accordian Panel Tabs I get the below errors when
trying to validate in W3C. All I do is change colors, etc. I'm not touching
the actual code itself. I can't figure out how to fix the errors. Since I'm
using them right out of the box, without modifying except for colors, has Adobe
issued a fix?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

139 ul.MenuBarVertical iframe attempt to find a semi-colon before the
property name. add it
0 ul.MenuBarVertical iframe Parse Error null
139 ul.MenuBarVertical iframe Property opacity doesn't exist in CSS level
2.1 but exists in [css3] : 0.1
139 ul.MenuBarVertical iframe Parse Error 0.1);
140 ul.MenuBarVertical iframe Parse Error }
URI : http://www.peoplehelpinghorses.org/S...yAccordion.css
62 .AccordionPanelTab Property -moz-user-select doesn't exist : none
63 .AccordionPanelTab Property -khtml-user-select doesn't exist : none

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Default Re: Spry Vertical Menu W3C CSS Validator Results - 03-28-2009 , 05:35 PM

Hi Cheryl,
I don't know whether there is a fix, but W3C Validation measures compliance to
standards rather than correct functionality. In other words, they are not
"errors" but rather areas where they do not comply. The items seem to be
extensions to assure that the controls function across browser platforms. -moz
indicates mozilla (Netscape & Firefox) extensions and -khtml is used for the
konqueror (linux) & early Mac Safari browsers. They would be ignored by other
browsers. opacity, which is not css 2.1 compliant is supported by all browsers
(except for IE). The lack of semi-colons probably don't cause any problems as
long as the offending CSS rule is on it's own line or at the end of the list.

Anyway, unless you really need to be W3C complaint for whatever reason, I
wouldn't worry about the "errors" as long as the accordian panel functions
correctly. It would seem, though that compliance (especially those -moz &
-khtml ones) won't occur any time soon.

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