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Getting images to load using absolute urls

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Default Getting images to load using absolute urls - 05-08-2004 , 12:27 AM

I currently have a web site and I want to re do it in Dreamweaver MX.
The problem though is that all my information is currently uploaded on
more then one ftp site and I go to enter the URL of the site into the
URL box and it always comes up as a broken picture file.

I want to put in the absolute link and just put in the link to the
picture files that are already uploaded to my servers so I can just redo
my page putting pictures and files from various folders and locations
onto one page in spots. This won't work as every time it comes up with a
broken picture link box when I put in the url of the page yet works fine
when you go to preview it in a browser.

I have heard that something called the Relativity extension that would
fix this problem so you can use absolute urls in the image box. But the
guys page is long gone and I haven't been able to find it anywhere else.
If there is another way to fix this so I can put in my links to my
pictures and files using the url box for the load images screen and have
my images show up in Dreamweaver so I can work with them and rebuild my
site without having to download everything back onto my hard drive that
would be most appreciated. I know there must be plug ins for this but I
am not able to find them on the various pages I have searched.

I have more then one web site name so I can't just put in the name of my
site in the local data as I need more then one and no matter what I do
it comes up as a broken picture icon when the picture is there and works
fine when you preview it. Please help so I can fix this problem and not
have to redo my whole site and download all my pictures on an already
full hard drive that I currently have. I can't understand why something
like Netscape Composer would allow you to just plunk in your pictures
url off the net and it loads yet Dreamweaver woudln't have a way for the
same thing. To pay hundreds for this and to not even have the option
while a free one with Netscape does is really confusing to say the
least. I hope there is a way to fix this so I can get to working on my
site or a plug in available to make it that it won't keep on changing my
urls from the absoulte name i put in so I can work with them in
Dreamweaver like I could in Composer.

Thanks to anyone that can help. I would hate to have to return the
program as I have heard such great things about it but if I can't use
the proper urls with the stuff I already have loaded it's not of much
use to me.

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Default Re: Getting images to load using absolute urls - 05-08-2004 , 12:43 AM

dreamweaver will not show images in design view that are not inside of the
"Local Site Folder". Period.

so the suggestions below will NOT work, if your site is at
http://domainA.com and the images are at http://someotherdomain.com

Also- the Relativity extension is listed below.
it is Not a long page, and not hard to find that i can tell...

older message-

Two tips on this:
1) Let dw know what the full path to your site is:
Dw menu-->Site-->Edit Site
Select that site, press Edit

Click the "Advanced" tab at top, because it's quicker to find things.

Click "Local Info" in the category list on left.

Fill in the "HTTP Address" line with the address you use.

Now dw will treat absolute paths that are within your site as local paths.

2) install this extension to change linking methods with a click of a
If you want to quickly change links to a different linking method- install
the Relativity Extension.
http://e7x.com/dw/ Relativity ext.
or here

(this means you can make relative links in dreamweaver, quickly, and then
presto change all of them to full http:// links without hand typing the
domain name)

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